COVID-19 : Do the Math, or, The “Only” Deaths in Town?!?

The Statistics, The Experts, The Emperor’s New Clothes,
Super-Bug Viruses & Bacteria: World Health Crises, Pandemic-Pandemonium
The Media, The New World Order: the Great Reset, Or, What Have You



First, take a deep breath – this is going to be a long one!

Now, let’s put the COVID-19 pandemic in perspective, in terms of the stats.  As you read, compare the numbers to the ascribed Coronavirus death tolls vs other diseases!  Check the references!

(To date, (December of 2019 through October 2020), approximately 1 million deaths around the world are ascribed to COVID-19, most of whom were the aged or those who had pre-existing health conditions, including obesity).

While the media is having a feeding frenzy over the Coronavirus-ascribed death tolls, and terrorizing the public on the “cases” (people carrying the virus – not necessarily sick) and broadcasting every death in every county of every state of the union, and abroad – the fact is, this Pandemic – and with all due respect to the sick or dead – is a drop in the bucket – numerically speaking – when compared to OTHER diseases, infectious or not, that people are dying of every day, of every year, around the world: 17.6 million die yearly from cardiovascular disease;[1]

9.6 million die every year around the world of cancer. [2] Zoonotic diseases (caused by germs spread to people from infected animals including ticks, fleas, mosquitoes) kill at least 2 million people globally every year. [3].

And, the total yearly number of deaths globally from all causes comes to 57 million people – half of whom are in the 70 and above age range. [4] Relate that last statement to the fact that most people that have died from the Novel Coronavirus ARE THE ELDERLY, those already susceptible and vulnerable to disease and infections. As stated above, to date, (December of 2019 through October 2020), approximately 1 million deaths around the world are ascribed to COVID-19, most of whom were the aged or those who had pre-existing health conditions, including obesity.  In addition, the death total world-wide every year, just from the seasonal flu, is between 250,000 to 650,000 people,  which, this year, apparently took a back seat to the the “novel” coronavirus, and has been ignored, totally forgotten, or, even counted as COVID-19 deaths for monetary incentives.

While in the U.S. 217,000 people have died, supposedly from the COVID-19, since December of 2019 through October 2020, (again, mostly the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions), the fact is, over 380,000 people die in the U.S. every year in long term care facilities (LTCF’s) from all kinds of infections, viral and bacterial. [5] 

To add to that sad statistic,  the CDC reports that every year an estimated 648,000 people in the U.S. develop infections from their hospital stays, and  approximately 75,000 of these people die from them. (One wonders, who is NOT wearing their hospital mask to prevent ALL THOSE YEARLY INFECTIONS AND DEATHS.  And, where was the media all those years to keep track of those stats or report them)?

In addition, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the seasonal flu can claim as many as 95,000 lives in the U.S. alone, as it did between 2017-2018. [6]

Just the 380,000 mostly elderly people dying every year in LTCF’s from different infections should be alarming news enough for the media to look into. So, one has to wonder, why the media never made headlines or even mention these yearly deaths in the U.S., and only NOW is concerned especially about the elderly dying and being infected by the Covid-19?  And, to boot, 2,067,404 persons, aged 65 and older die in the U.S. every year, as it is, from all causes. [7]

In case no one bothered to grasp the above global mortality statistics, to repeat, half of the 57 million deaths around the world are the elderly, or, approximately 28 million senior citizens die globally from all causes, including infections of all kinds. So, why no masks or distancing before 2020, “to protect” the elderly; and why no masks or distancing to protect the 380,000 people in LTCF’s who die yearly from multiple infections in the U.S.- or global deaths from other viruses, including influenza and pneumonia (up to 650,000 yearly from the flu). Suddenly, all this CONCERN – principally for the elderly and the susceptible!!!!! In the global soup of possible and real time virus and bacterial infections COVID-19 could hardly be the “crisis” that it is being made out to be, especially when comparing the statistics.

Speaking of mortality statistics in the U.S. as compared with that of the recent Coronavirus hysteria-statistics, (217,000 Covid-19 deaths in the U.S.), compare that number with the following U.S. death toll from other diseases: Heart disease claims 647, 500 lives annually in the U.S., cancer takes 599,000 lives, chronic respiratory diseases, 160,000, stroke kills 146,300, Alzheimer’s disease takes 121,400 lives, influenza and pneumonia, 55,600,  (don’t forget the 380,000 mentioned above), and the list goes on. [8] (And, when it comes to infections, the Super-bug, MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureaus bacteria (resistant to over eight antibiotics) hospitalizes as many as 500,000 in the United States of America yearly).

After mentalizing all these statistics, one might wonder where all those sick, dying and dead people are being kept, treated, or buried while the Pandemic is occupying ALL those hospital beds and cemeteries that we’ve been hearing about; yeah, that “Pandemic” that the public has been horrified by and bludgeoned with up-in-your-face media reporting, including graphic depictions at every turn of the spooky-spikey Coronovirus itself – ad nauseum.

It should be noted again that before the advent of this Novel Virus, between 290,000 and 650,000 people died globally every year from the common seasonal flu caused by the Human Influenza Virus A and B. [9] With just that alarming statistic, it must be asked : why did the World Health Organization (WHO) never require masks before, or distancing, nor did the media keep the purportedly “alarming” statistics that they are keeping NOW.

In fact, the way the Coronavirus is being viewed and handled makes it almost seem like an “alien” disease that came from outer space! Or so “novel” that only in 2020 the world woke up and “discovered” viruses and that they infect and kill the elderly and weak in immunity and with pre-existing conditions! And, this seemingly “sudden discovery” is by the so-called “experts”? – the ones that know all about viruses and infectious diseases, i.e. – the WHO (the now practically discredited World Health Organization)? And, to back up their “sudden” discovery came the chorus line – the agenda-focused media that hammer the public with apparently the only deaths in town!

Where is the news media to report daily stats of, let’s say, the 7.6 million people that starve to death in the world every year? Or, what about the 210 million people (yes, THAT MANY) infected with malaria yearly, with over 450,000 deaths occurring annually from that disease? Or, what channel or internet articles/videos report the yearly deaths of 1.6 million people in the world from tuberculosis, “the leading infectious disease killer in the world” according to the CDC? Oh, not NOVEL enough? Oh, those diseases are only in the poorer countries of the world! And, not quite “pandemicky” enough – and don’t affect the wealthier nations? OH!! NOW we get it!!!! Or, do we??? Any thinking person must come to the conclusion that “there is something rotten in Denmark.”

If COVID-19 didn’t come from “outer space” or “the twilight zone,” then was it a bio-weapon? And, that’s why ALL that alarm around the world? Or, is there something or somethings MORE SINISTER at play?

More realistically, and, let’s get to the truth here: Was this “alarming” disease created or falsely promulgated/propagated, with skewed and inflated statistics, specifically designed to create pandemonium and fear? [10] [11][12]

Is this COVID-19 actually to serve as a kind of prelude, a kind of preparation of the WHOLE WORLD for something global and MUCH BIGGER, something ALL EMCOMPASSING, to affect ALL OF HUMANITY?  With so much DRAMA created on a GLOBAL STAGE, one has to ask that question.

The statistics of this pandemic compared to the real world death tolls don’t add up. There is also contention that much of the Coronavirus stats are being manufactured for financial/political agendas. [13] Hospitals are being incentivized to fake obits to read “Died of COVID-19,” no matter what the patient actually died of: $13,000 – if diagnosed with COVID-19 despite the real cause of death; $39,000 – if put on a respirator. One can only come to the conclusion that more is afoot than is being told to the public that is considered too ignorant to understand anyway.

One thing most people DO understand is FEAR. And, fear is what is driving this whole fiasco of the Novel Virus. Fear leads to OBEDIENCE – note how submissively most people put on those mandatory masks and distanced themselves. And, note how the public and businesses are now subject to being criminalized for NOT OBEYING the government mandates – subject to fines and even arrest.  (Speaking of masks – if worn over and over again, they ACCUMULATE a horrid panoply of potentially infectious bacteria fungus, and viruses, including staph and strep).

Step by step, one can see the tide rolling in for MORE of what’s to come: More population control. For instance, please note that the University of California statewide is now REQUIRING/MANDATING all of its 230,000 employees, as well as its 280,000 students to be vaccinated against the common flu, which it NEVER did before. What’s next?

At Oakland University in Detroit, officials mandated, then later “recommended” that students wear so-called “Bio-buttons” (connected to an app on a smartphone) that would “constantly” measure and monitor their heart rate, temperature and breathing rates.  Many students resisted, signing a petition that said: “Masks and socially distancing are understandable….but this seems like a large overreach in terms of student and staff privacy.” [14]

Yes, something is afoot. If the powers that be wanted to GRAB the attention of the world and GRASP control of it, what better way to do it than with a worldwide CRISIS, whether real or media-fueled and politically sanctioned.

The COVID-19 seems to be a convenient global “crisis,” – the perfect excuse to enact government population control; a preliminary test and prelude to MORE government mandates – necessary in times of  real worldwide crises. The metaphorical “Doomsday Clock, set at 5 minutes to midnight now also reflects natural disasters, diseases/bio-terrorism, climate change, artificial intelligence, besides the original threat from nuclear extinction.

CROSSROADS have been reached: In almost ALL areas of existence. Check it out: Economies are failing, debt is skyrocketing in all major countries of the world, natural disasters seem to be on the rise, whether due to climate change or not; unsustainable population growth threatens resource availability, poverty and starvation; religious divisions are rampant, global drug epidemics and criminal underworlds threaten world stability; the threat of war – economic and territorial – is ever present; diseases of all kinds are increasing (oh, yeah, have you heard of the 78 to 106 million people globally infected each year with gonorrhea, (1.14 million in the U.S. alone, which is becoming untreatable for lack of effective antibiotics)? [15] And, oh yeah, how about syphilis, with 6 million infected globally each year, with more than 300,000 fetal and neo-natal deaths yearly, with an additional 215,000 infants at risk of early death – an infectious disease also practically resistant to antibiotics.[16]

The statistics and the diseases in the world would fill volumes, while the suffering remains untold (by the agenda-focused media). In addition, inequality in standards of living around the world, resource sharing, including clean water, food availability and health provision is flagrantly ignored by state and world governments.

The so-called “global elite,”  influencers of government agencies through lobbies, grants, investments and propaganda, have been meeting over the years to supposedly find “solutions” to the world’s woes.

The World Economic Forum is one such gathering organized by the global elite that brings together government officials, scientists and health agencies. According to their latest efforts and group thinking, they are clamoring to “reset” the world socially and, especially, economically – circumvent a collapse in the international monetary system. Was a “crisis” needed to set the stage? Stop “business as usual” to implement a WORLD MAKEOVER, (the much touted New World Order) as never seen before. And, all starting in the momentous MMXX year of 2020???? [17]

As the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, wrote, under the title, Now is the time for a ‘big reset’” –  In every crisis there is a chance”:

“We can bring a better world out of this crisis, (COVID-19). To achieve a better outcome (than the 1930s Depression), the world must act collectively and quickly to renew all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to technology, must be transformed. In short, we need a great reset of capitalism.”

As a first step, several nations have already moved to a totally digital currency.

Beyond what the World Economic Forum plans in global economic/social reform, there is the real crisis of world non-renewable natural resources. They are drying up. And, can the present resources sustain the growing populations of the emerging economies? Can the “elite societies” maintain their status if they have to share those resources with the rest of the world? Can individual countries maintain their own burgeoning populations? And, if not, will strict population, monetary, health and resource control now be the new normal? All this with the help of new technologies and AI (artificial intelligence).

Is the world destined to march in the direction China has already embarked upon, with nation-wide biometric surveillance systems, that go as far as publicly “shaming” people for a number of government defined “infractions” including jay walking! More recently wasting food will now be monitored and “exposed” through a “food waste exposure system.” [18]  Not to forget birth restrictions with draconian enforcement including sterilization and abortions.

China’s blatantly authoritarian system of population control serves as a warning to democratic societies, especially in times of crises, that doesn’t only include the present “pandemic.”

As world governments (with the backing of the China-sponsored and backed WHO) pass strict ordinances on population behaviors during the COVID-19 “pandemic,” one has to wonder what’s next? Is the mask wearing and temperature readings to enter a supermarket or to do business a first step?

Will vaccinations on a global scale become obligatory – Vaccinations that have DNA-altering components? Will vaccination ID’s be mandated? And, for even more efficiency/expediency, will invasive body-implanted identity-health microchips be forced on people around the world? The “microchip” is already in use in Sweden, implanted into the hand to “speed up” work and daily routines, also replacing credit cards and cash. [19][20]

Whatever is in store, the fact is, viruses and bacteria of all kinds live everywhere and are ever blowing in the wind, literally. The average human harbors thousands of bacteria and at least 5 different possibly dangerous viruses or more, at any given time anyway, corona virus or not. In one study, scientists found adenoviruses responsible for pneumonia and the common cold – in most of their research samples. [21]

Every year vaccines are developed for viruses, and antibiotics for bacteria, making billions of dollars for their makers. But these vaccines and antibiotics become obsolete and ineffective over time. The viruses mutate and bacteria become resistant and even deadlier in many cases. [22] The effects of vaccines is also being questioned, particularly now with the race to create one or more than one for the Coronavirus, causing Covid-19; this is especially in reference to those vaccines with genetically engineered components that may alter human DNA, possibly causing auto-immune diseases and even cancer. [23][24][25]

Strangely, while the WHO recommends distancing, masks, sanitizing and washing hands, it neglects to mention the human immunological system’s own defenses – God’s/Nature’s own way of dealing with the immense microscopic bio-world that lives in and around our bodies. Actual touching and contact with the real world of microbes, can, in most people, actually help strengthen immunity to this invisible “under” world of life – while vaccines and antibiotics have in many cases defeated their own purpose by helping create Super-Bugs-resistant microbes. In view of this fact, and despite of it, it is each individual’s responsibility to keep his/her immune system as strong as possible through adequate diet, sleep, exercise and stress control, for as long as life allows us to. The weak and elderly may succumb to viral and bacterial infection, and that would be expected, no matter how hard others try to avoid contact or infecting them. [26]

As mentioned, microbes – viruses and bacteria, are everywhere, and are practically unavoidable – they are in the air, on our skins, behind our ears, on our faces, in nooks and crannies, in our guts and belly-buttons, under our fingernails, billions and trillions of them, most of which are harmless and actually help to keep us healthy. Avoiding infection by the harmful ones (the average person harbors at least 5 of these viruses at any given time, including pneumonia-causing adenovirus ), is our responsibility. [27]

While good hygiene is important, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep our immune system strong is key to prevent infection and fight any dangerous bacteria or viruses: Avoid alcohol, drugs, avoid toxins and smoking, sugar in excess (that reduces immunity by 30% from just 13 teaspoons), avoid acidifying the blood stream (coffee, etc); and avoid obesity like hell itself. True – a tall order – given the unhealthy, inequitable and crazed societies – created – some may say – by the very people that are now trying to “save” it.

Vaccines will come and go and more vaccines will be made, again and again, certainly enriching the few.  Yes, those who have, unfortunately, and cynically speaking, banked on the poor health and sub-par nutrition of the general, and, especially the more impoverished populations – those of us that subsist on what we can afford – cheap, over-processed, chemical-treated and dyed food – and what is pitched to us by corporate advertising that propagate the “brave new food” of the 21st century – food that can kill, ever so slowly – until it reaches our peak. One of those peaks is obesity – 1.9 billion people in the world are overweight or obese.

In contrast, 820 million, world-wide, are starving (11 percent globally). Of that number 100 million are severely undernourished, at risk of dying from starvation. (And as mentioned earlier, 7.6 million people die of starvation yearly) In, addition, one million children under the age of 5 die of starvation every year. [28].

It is a medical fact that the poorly nourished, lacking in proper sanitation, not having access to clean water, are most at risk for contracting infectious diseases and dying from them. An undernourished body will have a lowered immunity and will be most at risk of succumbing to viral or bacterial infections, and, also, of spreading any infections that they contract, in their own, and to a broader community, and even globally. This fact, no doubt, is at least one major reason that global leaders and the “elite societies” are prescribing a Global Reset, as it has been called – to protect themselves as well.

A strong immune system in the average person will fight off infections, bacterial or viral.  And, COVID-19 is no exception. Healthy immune systems produce a major offensive against the virus, to knock it out.  The immune system ultimately creates antibodies, protecting us from future attacks – as long as the body’s immune system remains healthy, that is, provided with all necessary nutrients

No matter what the governments and for-profit medical institutions of the world have planned, we, as individuals must also, finally, understand that in our own lives, we must act and take some responsibility for our own health – understand that we are not so helpless in the face of illnesses, including bacterial or viral. We should not have to leave our own lives totally in the hands of for profit organizations, such as conveyor-belt hospital institutions and health care organizations, which, for all the help they can muster and offer, cannot always provide the life-saving time and assistance we may need. (Recall the 648,000 people in the U.S. alone that develop infections during their hospital stays and the 75,000 that die yearly from them).

It takes effort to be healthy. It takes some logical thinking to understand that the body will get sick if it is abused through smoking,  drinking or drugs – prescription or illegal – as well as poor nutrition and poor self-care . The body will deteriorate if we do not provide it with the nutrients, rest and exercise it needs to protect us against diseases. Look the other way when advertising throws easy solutions to nutrition, like eating empty calories, fast foods that don’t really nourish, like “fluff-bluff” breakfasts with sugary-rainbow colored, so-called “cereals” or dinner in a box and the like. Only real food can produce “real” health. That’s why they call the other stuff, “junk food.”[29]

And, vaccines and antibiotics are not enough in the arsenal against infectious diseases. Vaccines take time to develop every season there is a NEW or mutated virus.  Antibiotics only seem to create deadlier, more resistant bacteria.  And billions of dollars are made yearly off vaccinations and antibiotics – how coincidental can that be.

While humanity may be on the brink of self-destruction  (5 minutes on the Doomsday Clock), and there is an urgent scramble to avoid that Steep Cliff through a Global Reset of Everything, what can the average  person do to at least reset their health and avoid both infectious and non-infectious diseases that are on the rise in the world?  The poor countries, it is hoped, will get the assistance they direly need through global action, finally providing the majority of people the tools they need to strengthen their immunity: a standard of living that provides for health and includes clean water, a healthy environment, nutritious food, responsible health care and knowledge! The average person can do much to preserve their own health.  As already discussed above, depending only on hospital care when we get sick may not fare well for us in all cases.  Caring for ourselves is vital, which means: being mindful of the prerequisites of life itself.

And, since this site is about GARLIC, do avail yourself of this wonderful herb that does the job -helps strengthen the immune system in so many ways – seemingly “miraculous” ways (see other articles on this site).  Garlic works together with your good health practices to help preserve your life.  Read the book by Paul Bergner, THE HEALING POWER OF GARLIC  – The Enlightened Person’s Guide to Nature’s Most Versatile Medicinal Plant.

Also, check out an old tale called THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES by the 19th century writer, Christian Anderson.  It’s about fear and “perceptions” and how lies can easily be forced upon people – even when the truth is staring them in the face.

And, here’s a Muppet Music Video  to “cheer” us all up (it has a Portuguese, somewhat inaccurate translation of the words – no other copy was available): Enjoy!

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