Cure for Itchy, Sore Throat, Laryngitis, Coughs

If it’s not an allergy, more likely than not that itch in the back of your throat is the beginning of a cold, flu virus, or a strep bacterial infection.  Stop the itch in its tracks before it develops into a full blown sore throat, laryngitis or cough and/or, if you’re already sick, fight back with garlic.

Although there are numerous herbal remedies for sore throat, coughs and laryngitis, such as the throat soothing and cough suppressing syrups and drops made with sage, eucalyptus, anise, fennel and peppermint, garlic is probably THE “hit and won’t miss” remedy of them all!

Sucking on a medicated lozenge or cough drop may reduce the irritation and pain by coating your throat, but to kill the virus or bacteria and prevent its progression into something more serious, try garlic!

Eating Garlic RAW

For the braver and less patient souls, you may want to take the very fast and direct approach if you dare: peel a clove of garlic and bite off a smallish piece, chew it down and swallow it slowly.   The chewed garlic mixes with the saliva and makes it rather easy to swallow.  Your tongue may tingle and slightly burn, but should not be of concern if you only take a small bite.

Another direct approach is scraping a clove or two of garlic on a piece of bread with olive oil and a pinch of salt.  Chew well and swallow slowly.  Using bread with olive oil or any cooking oil or butter reduces any burning sensation.  The itch  and sore throat may subside and completely disappear.

Juicing  with Garlic: Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Since getting a lot of fluids is recommended when sick with a respiratory illness, such as flu or cold, juicing with garlic can kill two birds with one stone; that is, juice your carrots, apples, ginger together with a few cloves of garlic.  This way you get the vitamin-packed liquid plus the potent antibiotic and immune enhancing benefits of the garlic all in one.  Surprisingly, the carrot juice plus garlic is quite tasty and not at all “garlicky”.  For best results, repeat several times a day while ill.

Chicken Soup with Garlic

If you’re not brave enough to down it straight up, then chop a couple of cloves into that chicken soup that’s so good for colds!  And get some garlic into a sandwich to go along with that soup, too!  Whenever possible, it’s best to use raw garlic to preserve garlic’s powerful sulfuric compounds, though cooked garlic also preserves some of its curative powers.  Garlic supplements in capsule form can also be protective and useful.

Continue including garlic in your food (cooked vegetables, fresh salads, soups, stews) or in supplement form, during and after your bout with a cold, the flu, laryngitis or sore throat!  Avoid sugar and alcohol, as well as caffeine while you’re sick (they reduce immunity).  And, of course, rest, rest, rest!

Stay healthy!  Eat garlic!!


Be sure to see a doctor when a cough, sore throat, or pulmonary infection lingers beyond a 2-3 week period to rule out any more serious illness.   Get emergency treatment for shortness of breath, if symptoms get worse, or when phlemn is at all bloodied pink or red.

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