Garlic Syrup

Garlic Syrup is great for most lung disorders, including sore throat and hoarseness, coughs, asthma, lung congestion, difficulty in breathing, as well as chronic bronchitis.   It greatly assists in loosening phlegm from the lungs through expectoration.

Ingredients: 4 cups water,  2 1/2 cups fresh garlic cut or mashed, 2 tablespoons each of carraway seed and sweet fennel seeds, approximately 1 cups sugar or enough to make syrup consistency, vinegar, honey (optional). The carraway and fennel seeds will hopefully remove some of the garlic odor.

Directions: Boil the water with the cut garlic and the carraway and fennel seeds until garlic is soft.  Place in tightly closed container and let stand for 12  hours.  Add equal amount of cider vinegar and enough sugar to make syrup consistency.  Adding honey is optional.  It adds to the medicinal value of the syrup.  Bring to a boil again.  Cool and take one teaspoon every morning or as needed.

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