Here’s a simple way to sneak some  garlic into your family’s food at breakfast or snack time (or anytime)!  I call this recipe “Tortilla-Lace” because the finished product is a tortilla with a lacey trim! And, of course, it’s also “laced” with some health-protective garlic!


1 or 2 corn tortillas (per person)

1/2 chopped small onion (per person)

2 eggs (per person)

1 or two cloves of grated or minced garlic (per person)

Herbs (thyme, basil, etc. salt/pepper to taste)

2 tbls. oil for frying

Beat the two eggs, spices, salt/pepper, and grated garlic and set aside.  In a small frying pan, a bit larger than the tortilla, on medium heat, start frying the chopped onions.  Before they barely wilt, place one or two tortillas over the onions (the onions will continue frying under the tortillas).  Immediately pour the beaten eggs with spices over the tortillas. Brown on both sides (the tortillas and eggs puff up).  Place on a plate, tortilla-lace trim side-up!

As a variation to this basic recipe, you can put some cheese slices (cheddar, mozzarella), mushrooms or tomatoes, etc, in between the two tortillas before pouring the beaten eggs!  Tastes pretty good and the tortillas are so divinely soft!  Add some hot sauce if desired.

Note: Best to use “real” corn tortillas made of plain ingredients; the package should read: “stone ground corn, water and a trace of lime.”  Real tortillas are a good source of calcium, 8-10% in 1 tortilla.

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