The Bowels of Your Destiny…..

Catchy title!?!?  Got your attention!?!

Well, here’s the point:  the condition and cleanliness of our time-honored and dishonored entrails (intestines) may very well determine our life-health fortunes!  This idea is not just based on a “gut-feeling,” but has been determined by researchers and scientists!

Most Diseases Linked to Intestinal Dysfunction

Incredible as it may seem, 90% of all diseases may be linked to the alimentary canal, precisely, the bowels!  Cancer, immune deficiency diseases, common infections, and nutrient-deficient diseases can be traced to the bad functioning of our intestines.  Blockages in the gut, constipation, toxicity, lack of the good intestinal flora that promote digestion, acid-base imbalance, and mal-absorption of nutrients (which takes place in the small intestine) can set us up for illness.

It turns out that the intestines determine the health of all our organs.   If we have a toxic build up in the intestines (constipation), if nutrient absorption is impeded, if the blood becomes toxic and/or the body goes under-nourished, any one of these factors can lead to all manner of diseases, including, as already mentioned, cancer.  It may, therefore, not be too far-fetched to predict your health destiny by the bowels you keep!! Or fail to upkeep!

It is in the small intestine that final digestion and absorption of nutrients into the blood stream takes place.  And it is from the large intestine that water and minerals are absorbed for electrolyte balance, and that waste material is moved for final elimination.  With approximately 23 feet of small intestine, and 5 feet of large intestine, we may think that whatever we eat will sooner or later successfully be jettisoned by our trusty gut.  But, alas…no.  Our dear bowels were not made for some of the stuff we stuff it with.  That may include a constant stream of junk food, cakes, greasy chips, pink, blue and green thing-a-ma-jig “cereal”, not to mention the myriad of  clumpy, squeezy, stretchy red, purple and orange overly sweet and Salt-Lake-salty snack concoctions served up by the so-called “food” industries.  With no resemblance to actual food, one wonders where they get their inspiration for some of the “creative” foods sold in “food” stores – maybe straight from storybook fairyland!  Is this an exaggeration of the facts, or can we actually recognize some of the fare we typically choose to feed ourselves (and our kids!)?

A diet lacking in an adequate amount of vegetables and fruit (don’t forget water) can cause constipation and slowing or blocking of bowel movements.   Proper elimination and cleansing of the bowels is absolutely essential for intestinal health and overall health of the body.  So, leave “fairy food” in fairyland, and eat what is actually food.  Your sweet bowels will thank you, and reward you, with smooth-sailingly good health!

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